Thursday, 21 April 2011

SEO: On-page Optimization Of Your Sites

A well on-page optimized site can make 60% of your job easier when you go for search engine optimization on any keyword. This means you should know how to play with meta tags in the source code of the site. There are three more important tags involved in on-page optimization, the title, the description and the keywords.The domain name also plays an important role, you will be on a strong position on the competition if your domain name reflects your keyword.

The important thing for strong position of site that is domain name that’s play very important role if your domain name reflects your keyword then you can get good level on the competition. You should try to keep it concise, focused and concrete. People spend a great deal of time and efforts to have a catching title, the more catchy it is more is probability that your site will get concentration from visitors. The title should be formulated sharply that it should enclose all the keywords in an expressive approach.

Secondly the description is play very significant role and it is a part of statement which is visible to searchers you give a brief introduction about your site. You should use your zeal in fabricating it that the visitor should get attracted to your site.

Many SEO Professionals are of the view that the more keywords in this Meta tag can dilute its importance and weight but the practical results show that you can try to include maximum number of keywords for which your site can rank. Starting from single worded keyword to long tailed keywords, you can choose up to 250 words, separated by commas.

Copy the tags from the highest ranking sites and modify them in such a way that they should suit to your website. An interesting short cut to create Meta tags for your site is to visit one of the highest ranking sites, get their source codes using view source in the view menu of your browser. You can come up very effective source code to attract the search engines and human traffic with very little attempt and bright idea on the Meta tags.

People write some keyword in the search engine’s search bar and when they hit the search button they see the first ten results normally. Each result is shown with the title and description. So it’s your title and the description that is your introduction visible for the searchers. So try to keep them unique and interesting so to increase the chances of getting more traffic.

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